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Welcome to the Anomaly Containment Facility’s official wiki. We are an organization dedicated to detaining unusual objects known as “Anomalies”. There are three classes of anomaly.

Some newly recruited personnel may find themselves questioning why we bother to contain and research certain anomalies at all, let alone with methods that sometimes may appear sadistic.

This is understandable. There is occasionally beauty and wonder in many of the anomalies we gather and research: Strange and fascinating entities that defy our understanding of the universe, devices that tempt us with their potential to benefit humanity if only minor flaws could be solved, whimsical and bizarre things which can only be described as magical. Why hide a child with strange eyes, or a sentient calculator, or any one of thousands of other seemingly harmless objects away from the world?

The answer is "Because it is necessary."

Make no mistake. The ACF is cold, not cruel. We do not seek to destroy the anomalies discovered when they can be contained, studied, and perhaps one day understood and made safe for release, as we have proven so many times before. But, there are far more demonstrations of why we must always err on the side of caution.

The ACF has seen the things that go "bump" in the night. We have seen harmless anomalies twisted into deadly weapons. We have gazed upon alien geometries, heard the black speech, read books that should never be read, and know far too many of the things man was not meant to know to ever consider the world safe again. And we have looked through windows upon wastelands populated by things born of nightmares, testifying the consequences of failure.

The stakes are simply far too high to allow uncertainty and ethical debates to cloud judgment and slow necessary action. The needs of the many far outweigh the personal, ethical, and human costs of acting to preserve reality as we know it.

The Three ClassesEdit

  • Green: The anomaly is understood and does not pose a threat.

  • Yellow: The anomaly is not understood, but does not pose sufficient threat for Red classification.

  • Red: The anomaly is not understood and poses a serious threat to ACF personnel.

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